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Last Post 09-09-2016 8:35 PM by  Deb Tux
Rehoming List Update - 23rd July 2016
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23-07-2016 8:52 PM
    The birdline rehoming list has been updated as follows:
    Birds Removed from the list
    Companion Birds
    Aurora the Meyers Parrot – 2440413
    Nicky the Senegal – 470215
    Mickey the Congo African Grey – 5441214
    Cookie & Crackers the Cockatiels – 3860714
    Ruby the Patagonian Conure - 6261012
    Birds added to the list
    Companion Birds
    Beaky the Congo African Grey – 1150616
    Charlie the Congo African Grey – 1680313
    Flint the Blue Fronted Amazon – 2730512
    Molly the Blue Fronted Amazon – 1300616
    Monty the Blue Crowned Conure - 220216
    Deb Tux

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    Basic Forum Member

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    09-09-2016 8:35 PM
    Hi Debs
    Do you know when the rehoming list is being updated again !!
    Very intrigued to see which birds have got their forever homes 😆😁😉