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***IMPORTANT NOTICE 6/4/2018*** - Unfortunately Birdline are now full with regard to rescue birds, and are currently UNABLE take additional birds into the charity. We will provide an update as soon as the position changes

WARNING – Please Be Aware 

If you are looking to re-home your parrot, please always use a reputable Parrot Rescue Organisation.

Always check to ensure the organisation you wish to use is registered with an approved organisation such as ‘The Charities Commission’ 

Please note that we only operate in England, Scotland and Wales. Birds going to be re-homed or safe housed must stay in one of these three countries 

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17 Replies and 3435 Views ALL MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE !!    3435  17 Started by  Ann Conway Following Mandy's thread bringing our attention to the plastic cage with a cockatoo in it. These types of cages are TOTALLY UNSUITABLE for birds, and should not be used at all. There is nowhere for the bird to be able to play and climb. Whatever your choice of cage, please remember, the size must be at least one and a half times the wingspan of the bird, and preferably, although not all have&160; some horizontal bars. As with birdlines policy on NOT using plastic cat carriers for transportin...
17 3435
by  kegskyJump to last post
15-11-2012 11:52 AM
1 Replies and 2206 Views FAO All members ref Illness/behaviorial issues      2206  1 Started by  Mandy Can we please remind all safehouses and fosters of Birdline birds, that if you have a serious behavioral or illness query relating to your bird, that your first point of contact should always be your ACO.&160; If you are unable to contact your ACO, and you believe the problem to be of an urgent nature, then please contact the ACO's&160;Area Manager.&160; These contacts are available in the Members Area of the website. Thank You.
1 2206
by  MandyJump to last post
31-05-2011 2:19 PM
0 Replies and 2211 Views What should be in your first aid kit (for birds)      2211  0 Started by  Rick Basic First Aid Kit For Your Bird Always have a basic first aid kit to hand. It should contain a few simple things that will be useful should your bird become injured. These are the basic minimum items that should be at hand in case of an emergency: 1. A substance to stop bleeding (Cornflour is good for this, however there are proprietary brands available in all good pet shops.) 2. A bird safe disinfectant (Such as Avisafe) 3. Cotton wool balls or cotton buds. 4. Tweezers and sharp sciss...
0 2211
26-02-2009 10:35 AM
0 Replies and 271 Views advice please  271  0 Started by  Jenny hi there, new to birdline,  im seeking advice and not sure whats the best to do for the parrot or myself,  here goes,  i have 18 yr old male African Grey,  Smokey his name been with us from chick, he has usually been quite happy and healthy had no issues before, but now several problems,  feather picking, carpet picking, and hormonal ie i cant do anything with him without him doing this weird mating dance at me!   i dont know whats best for him,  shall i k...
0 271
20-02-2018 10:33 AM
2 Replies and 334 Views Advice needed  334  2 Started by  flvn Hi everyone! I'll start off by quickly giving some background on myself: I'm an apartment dweller, work in finance in London, most of the time from 9am until 6pm (sometimes longer, usually around year end) and I would very much like to rehome a Timneh African Grey currently on the rehoming list. I grew up with cockatiels so I'm very comfortable around birds and more or less know how to behave around them, but I know an African Grey is much different and requires more attention and care. I've don...
2 334
by  apricotJump to last post
08-12-2017 12:58 AM
2 Replies and 414 Views I need help. Cockatiel.  414  2 Started by  mikeg_303 Hello (first time poster on a forum), Right a quick explanation. I have a a 2 year old female cockatiel that i love dearly. She has always been very vocal, but she's getting louder, screaming non stop (videos of screaming on youtube have nothing on her volume). I have tried everything i possibly can from the start to calm her down, but now we have ended up getting noise complaints, and my landlord isn't happy. She has reached sexual maturity and shows signs of wanting to breed and over the la...
2 414
by  Tracey ElphickJump to last post
25-11-2017 4:26 PM
0 Replies and 364 Views Parrot in need of rescue  364  0 Started by  balloo  2 weeks ago new tenants moved in next door. They have a parrot/parrakeet shut in their shed. It is alone and in a cage. The shed is cold at night and hot in the daytime and also is dark. We also have rats from the railway line. Poor little things..this is so must be lonely as it screeches a lot. Can I get anyone to help this bird please....or tell me how to get help, i would be willing to help pay towards its keep, and removal to a good home..
0 364
11-08-2017 9:29 PM
3 Replies and 998 Views Harrison's bird food  998  3 Started by  Linda I took my Amazon to the vets today and she suggested changing from a seed mix to Harrison's, looked on the site and got totally confused, anyone used this and is it a good move, also have a Grey aswell can they both eat the same food
3 998
by  Dave VJump to last post
11-11-2016 8:33 AM
0 Replies and 718 Views Urgent Advice needed regarding homelessness  718  0 Started by  hedges88 Hi All, I need some urgent advice with a very difficult situation, and as my birds are like my children it's very upsetting and intense. Any advice on what I could possibly do would be greatly appreciated. I have been living with my current partner for 3 years. I have 7 Parrots (And 5 Quail) at the address we have been sharing. We have 3x Bourke's parrots, 2x Cockatiels, 1x Elegant Parakeet and 5x Quail in an indoor aviary and a Quaker parrot with a cage and freestanding perch in the lounge. ...
0 718
24-09-2016 3:09 PM
3 Replies and 1633 Views Keeping birds and working full time  1633  3 Started by  tetchy_raffles Hi all, I am fairly new to Birdline and do not yet have any birds although I am very keen to change this. The main thing that has been bothering me though, is whether with my current circumstances, taking on a bird would really be fair to them. I work full time out of necessity rather than choice, and typically am out of the house around 10 hours of the day. As such I am already happy to take 2 birds rather than 1, the thought of 1 poor soul sitting there all day on its own is heartbreaking. Do ...
3 1633
by  tetchy_rafflesJump to last post
05-11-2015 7:48 PM
3 Replies and 1184 Views Best food for a Gray?!  1184  3 Started by  Lisa HT Please help! I have read numerous times that sunflower seeds are not good for African grays I have got a new member of our family and his food is full of them in an unnamed clear bag. Please can someone advise: 1, best food to buy 2, where to get it from Online preferred. Thank you in advance! X
3 1184
by  Doddie KentJump to last post
03-09-2015 9:58 AM
3 Replies and 1098 Views Advice please  1098  3 Started by  Deb Tux Hi all just needed a bit of advice. Would it be worth putting in an application for a cockatoo on the rehoming list. I don't have any experience with this breed but would so love to rehome one of these magnificent birds. As I don't have experience would this be a case of wasting my time, or having my application rejected because of this. I am a safe house currently empty that side but do have an adopted AG that is my baby and my world. I just feel I would like to have another addition h...
3 1098
by  swwchrisJump to last post
29-08-2015 6:18 PM
3 Replies and 1774 Views urgent advice needed on DERBYAN PARROT  1774  3 Started by  jmackenzie hi there, my parents bought a derbyan parrot yesterday, they had been looking at alexandrines for a while and decided on one, only on seeing the derby did they choose this one.  being the 1st parrot they have owned they obviously don't know a lot about the different species etc, so were at the mercy of any 'expert' to sell them one.  they were told the parrot they bought was a young male, of no more than 6 months old. on doing more research (after buying it and having him in the cage...
3 1774
by  Doddie KentJump to last post
07-05-2015 8:09 AM
3 Replies and 2021 Views clicker training  2021  3 Started by  reclaimingrebus Does anyone on the forum use clicker training.I,d like to try this to curb some antisocial behaviour, and distraction or a firm no isn't working. I've done it with the dogs but have used it to train positive actions but need to work on extinguishing behaviours _ chasing and nipping feet for instance. Any ideas anyone Edited to add, the bird chasing my feet, not the dogs!
3 2021
by  BuntyJump to last post
21-11-2014 6:43 PM
0 Replies and 1118 Views re companion bird for my amazon  1118  0 Started by  poppet16 Hello i posted on here a while ago about having to rehome Peggy my Amazon the day came for the rescue to come for him and there was a mix up and no one came.It was a blessing really as i spent most of the day crying waiting because i really didnt want him to go.The problem was a dog i had attacking him all the time i managed to rehome the dog but my other dogs who were ok with him befor still behaved the same when the other dog had gone.I am having to still keep Peggy in the dining room he has t...
0 1118
25-08-2014 10:32 AM
3 Replies and 1395 Views Found our Grey, now take him on holiday?  1395  3 Started by  Bunty Good afternoon I wondered what your thoughts were.  We recovered our African Grey Oliver on Sunday 27th July just passed after being missing for a week.  We are planning on going camping this Saturday for a week.  We have always taken Oliver with us in the past.  The question is this... Is it too soon to take him on holiday  I think he's quite perky today and he is used to camping and his holiday cage, travelling in the car etc, this is not new to him.  Your tho...
3 1395
by  BuntyJump to last post
30-07-2014 9:52 PM
4 Replies and 1582 Views Advice on rescue grey needed please  1582  4 Started by  daftmare A new grey arrived with us today 8 yr old sex unknown. Nice big cage with plenty of toys, pets at home parrot food and dreadful looking feathers. He/she also look a bit thin My main worry however is that he is quite stressed understandably but I'm not sure what is best to do to help him. He's in the conservatory with my other two a grey and a galah he can see them but isn't next to them. I've been in and out and quietly spoken to him. He has talked a little but this evening but is running his ...
4 1582
by  SharonHJump to last post
01-07-2014 1:15 PM
8 Replies and 1646 Views Lighting for a bird room  1646  8 Started by  Ty (ACO Leicestershire) Hi. The former lounge has, bit by bit, been turning into a Bird Room.  I've now got permission from she who needs to be obeyed, AKA Mrs Johnson, to put up swings and branches hanging from the ceiling.  I have a compact UV bulb dangling from a ceiling pendant (I know the birds get no direct medical benefits because its too far away from the birds but I hope they get some improved UV vision from it).  The branches and swings may well bring them into closer contact&n...
8 1646
by  Ty (ACO Leicestershire)Jump to last post
26-06-2014 12:35 PM
3 Replies and 1582 Views how do you spend time with your bird?  1582  3 Started by  Julia I have spend so long trying to work out how to entertain Archie when I am not around that I am now wondering how to spend time WITH him! He has gone back to plucking again over the last few days and I am wondering why and thought maybe he need more entertainment but don't know how. Bearing in mind this is a bird that is scared of anything new this is how I spend time with him so far: he gets a shower in the sink, I sing songs with him (Adams family song and Toot Sweets are his favourite that h...
3 1582
by  Helen WJump to last post
11-04-2014 3:10 PM
11 Replies and 2069 Views Patti behaviour change  2069  11 Started by  Hughina A few months ago my husband was asked to take on rescued Patagonian conure.  He arrived without many feathers but the only history we received was that he had been rescued from Glasgow in that condition a few months earlier and he had to be passed on due to marriage break up etc.  During the first few weeks his confidence in me improved considerably, but on the rare occasions my husband is home, works away, he is obviously his bird.  Biting was a problem but that was happenin...
11 2069
by  HughinaJump to last post
07-04-2014 12:41 PM
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