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***IMPORTANT NOTICE 6/4/2018*** - Unfortunately Birdline are now full with regard to rescue birds, and are currently UNABLE take additional birds into the charity. We will provide an update as soon as the position changes

WARNING – Please Be Aware 

If you are looking to re-home your parrot, please always use a reputable Parrot Rescue Organisation.

Always check to ensure the organisation you wish to use is registered with an approved organisation such as ‘The Charities Commission’ 

Please note that we only operate in England, Scotland and Wales. Birds going to be re-homed or safe housed must stay in one of these three countries 

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2 Replies and 1012 Views African Greys & Amazons??  1012  2 Started by  Deb Tux Could any one tell me why is there so many African Greys or Amazons that are on here It seems such a shame that there is always a list of these birds waiting for forever home Reagrds Deb Tux
2 1012
by  Deb TuxJump to last post
09-11-2012 2:57 AM
3 Replies and 864 Views Decorating and now carpets!  864  3 Started by  nigel OK Danny and I have now come through the 4 weeks of decorating (should have been 2!) now we have had the next phrase that men dread to hear 'I think it's time we had new carpets now the decorating has been done' so the question is: is anyone aware of any problems with carpets being laid and parrots and no I don't mean potential shredding and the dreaded splats but thinking more of any odour problems, (from the carpets not the bird!)  maybe the adhesives th...
3 864
by  SheenaJump to last post
07-11-2012 9:54 AM
2 Replies and 872 Views CAG george in bolton  872  2 Started by  nicolle need help really want to rescue lil G in bolton i also live in bolton but cant submit a application form for him what do i doo
2 872
by  DebsJump to last post
07-11-2012 6:19 AM
9 Replies and 1233 Views Diet Advice  1233  9 Started by  Vicky Ford I'm bringing up the topic of diet yet again after hoovering up another bowlfull of food from the floor! Cleo our BL Umbrella Too as you can see is beautiful! She has beautiful feathers is very happy and contented but she will not eat her fruit and veg. Obviously I want her to have the best I can give her but am really at the end of the line as to what to try next after going out and buying yet more fruit mix. We have had her for three years now and was told when she came she was not a big eater....
9 1233
by  Vicky FordJump to last post
27-10-2012 1:18 PM
2 Replies and 875 Views Play biting  875  2 Started by  kazky Hi i'm new here, so please forgive me if i have asked this in the wrong area. I have a beautiful CAG called Yvie (don't know the sex) she's now 1 year old and i've had her since she was 18 weeks. She's great fun, but recently i've noticed that she likes to 'play bite'. So she'll sit on top of my computer monitor and then climb down the curtain and hang upside down and hold her leg out for me to pick her up. When i do this she gently steps on my hand and then bites, clearly it's a play bite, ...
2 875
by  kazkyJump to last post
25-10-2012 12:16 AM
8 Replies and 1306 Views Rescued african grey, possibly blind in one eye,. Advice on handeling  1306  8 Started by  K3lly1985 Hello. I'm new to bird line and have recently had my first safe house in. He has a sunken eye, and. Think he's blind in it. If I approach him from that side he can't see me. He lets me feed him, tickle him(after a few friendly nibbles off him) and he likes to talk. He's not attempted to fly, just climbs out his cage and flaps! I want to now the best way to go about handling him. I don't think he can step up, I've tried but he shows no interest. My question is if he's blind I one eye...
8 1306
by  sallyannJump to last post
18-10-2012 11:38 AM
6 Replies and 1110 Views Painting, decorating and all that!  1110  6 Started by  nigel Would appreciate any input into this, next month we are having our house decorated pretty much from top to bottom, my wife and I intend to move to a mobile home we have at work (self employed), we used to live there before our cag Danny came to live with us, it is quite spacious and comfortable, we will obviously take Danny with us, bit of background, Danny already comes to work with us 6 days a week where he manages the business from his cage in the car or in the office depending on the we...
6 1110
by  SharonHJump to last post
12-10-2012 6:19 AM
9 Replies and 1472 Views Help with my Patagonian Conure - Clinton - please!  1472  9 Started by  Lesley Garratt I'm just wondering whether anyone can give me some advice regarding the Patagonian Conure which we took from Birdline last year.  I absolutely adore her (he is apparently a she!) but unfortunately she hates my husband with a passion, and is very jealous of me.  If she is sitting on my shoulder and my husband tries to have a conversation with me, she screeches loudly and lunges at him.  The only time she is (almost) polite to him is when I am not around, when she will tolerate him....
9 1472
by  NikkiJump to last post
04-10-2012 12:57 AM
9 Replies and 1423 Views Desperately need advice!  1423  9 Started by  sammiboo I am desperate for advice.... I posted a few weeks ago that woody (mealy amazon) is hormonal at the minute and is throwing tantrums. I thought I was getting somewhere with him but in the last week or so he seems to have got far worse, he is pinning Jamie and really going for him when he is in flow tantrum flow. He still hasn't bit me but he will attack his toys or food dish with Complete aggression. He does have a tickle but his tantrums are getting worse and I am not sure how to address it....
9 1423
by  tammydogJump to last post
31-08-2012 8:25 AM
10 Replies and 1326 Views Warning!  1326  10 Started by  nigel I am sure many will be aware of this but I am also sure that some parrot and indeed any bird keeper may not have given it much thought, personaly I don't think it hurts for a little reminder, whether it's Teflon, candles, open windows etc, this one is particulrly appropriate whilst we have a little warm weather, it's about SPARROW HAWKS!! Today Danny was at work with me as usual, his favourite resting place is in his cage is in the back of my car (estate) with the back door open, it's parked ...
10 1326
by  steve bJump to last post
14-08-2012 10:59 AM
1 Replies and 941 Views Avairies in the UK HELP ?  941  1 Started by  kadiekai123 Hi I have recently rescued an Eastern Rosella that was in a cafe however the whole point of the rescue was that I could find it a home with other Rosella's but I have been unable to do this I would like to see any aviary that could accommodate this bird it is a year old any help would be great  as I really don't want it to be on its on.  
1 941
by  Doddie KentJump to last post
02-08-2012 9:06 AM
8 Replies and 1024 Views A second opinion?!  1024  8 Started by  Jojo We are looking for another bird to join our family. Sadly, there seem to be very few needy birds on Birdline in our area . We have found a bird advertised as local to us. I emailed the seller asking for more information. I have had quite a long email conversation with them. They have asked all the right questions of us. They are very adamant that they are looking for genuine loving homes. They can't devote enough time and have to go away a lot which is the reason for rehoming. They have ...
8 1024
by  sammibooJump to last post
28-07-2012 5:48 AM
7 Replies and 1552 Views gardenia  1552  7 Started by  Jenn I have just been given a gardenia.  I can't see iton the plant lists. (You can't include everything!) Is it safe for birds  If not I can put it in a different room. 
7 1552
by  smallyJump to last post
30-06-2012 6:06 AM
1 Replies and 896 Views Sweet tooth worry  896  1 Started by  Felix I have a 4 1/2 year old Meyer parrot called Marley(believed to be a boy due to behaviour). While he generally doesn't seem to have problems with eating anything put in front of him, recently I've noticed that he does his level best to not drink water!he doesn't much like having a shower either!! He tries to suck the juice out of any fruit/veg in his cage rather than attempt to drink water. I've tried bottled water, tap water, filtered water but he buries his butt in it then goes in search of fr...
1 896
by  nigelJump to last post
24-06-2012 1:13 PM
6 Replies and 1324 Views Pananma amazon  1324  6 Started by  Julie Hi I have a panama amazon, she is called Doris and I have had her since she was 14 weeks old, she was born on the 3rd June 2002. She is tame and talks, she comes to you when she feels like it ( she is loose on the top of her cage most of the time ) she can not fly, and never has, she started to scream on occasions some time ago (3 years ago maybe more) and I thought she would stop after she matured a bit more, but she hasn't, although it may be for only mins at a time, it is loud and can be unt...
6 1324
by  smallyJump to last post
10-06-2012 4:46 AM
2 Replies and 1021 Views Rescue parakeet  1021  2 Started by  vivsos Hi all, The daughter of a friend of mine is looking for a home for her 2nd bird, a Turquoise Grass Parakeet. She got him as a companion for the parakeet she's had from young. Apparently, he doesn't get on with other birds, doesn't come out of his cage, doesn't like being handled.  I've had a budgie before, but never any other breed of bird. What I'm concerned about is that I don't want to keep a bird caged for the rest of his life and if I let him out of his cage whether I'd be able to g...
2 1021
by  vivsosJump to last post
25-05-2012 4:53 AM
15 Replies and 2623 Views organic pellet diet  2623  15 Started by  Terrie does anyone use a pellet diet instead of a seed diet, i have seen the subject of feeding pellets come up a few times, how do people feel about this
15 2623
by  TerrieJump to last post
11-05-2012 2:56 PM
4 Replies and 2041 Views sleep time for cockatoo  2041  4 Started by  ann hi all, could anybody tell me the sleep time for a cockatoo, i cant seem to find anything
4 2041
by  wendyJump to last post
10-05-2012 12:55 PM
5 Replies and 1291 Views Beak scraping!  1291  5 Started by  Heather Hi all, My brown-headed parrot (Crypto) loves me to scrape at his beak with my nails.  Is this normal  He will happily sit in apparent bliss while I scrape away & is even happier when a thin layer comes off.  I'm presuming he is not the only parrot who adores this  I've done a brief google search & didn't really come up with anything! Heather
5 1291
by  HeatherJump to last post
01-05-2012 10:05 AM
6 Replies and 2361 Views Conure with quite bad pin feathers - refuses to be handled  2361  6 Started by  Frankster I'm just wondering how to go about treating my conure's pin feathers. He's not hand tame and still quite timid but I really feel I&160;should do something to clear up the pin feathers on his head. He's constantly scratching at them but obviously can't reach to preen them. I've tried picking him up with a glove but he was far too panicky&160;to touch and biting so hard that he was hurting me even through a glove. Is it cruel to just leave him and wait for the pin feathers to grow out&160;Or ...
6 2361
by  NikkiJump to last post
20-04-2012 5:06 AM
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