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***IMPORTANT NOTICE 6/4/2018*** - Unfortunately Birdline are now full with regard to rescue birds, and are currently UNABLE take additional birds into the charity. We will provide an update as soon as the position changes

WARNING – Please Be Aware 

If you are looking to re-home your parrot, please always use a reputable Parrot Rescue Organisation.

Always check to ensure the organisation you wish to use is registered with an approved organisation such as ‘The Charities Commission’ 

Please note that we only operate in England, Scotland and Wales. Birds going to be re-homed or safe housed must stay in one of these three countries 

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1 Replies and 1170 Views Bad breeding? :(  1170  1 Started by  LooLoo83 Hi, I hope someone can help me... I live in the south west and I have 2 cockatiels...the first is a female 4 year old who I bought from a registered breeder and she's tame, can be handled, hand fed and loves cuddles...the second I bought a year later,&160; (as I was starting a full time job and didn't want her to be on her own). Sadly I did this in a hurry and bought him from a pet shop I found him very difficult to tame and still to this day cannot even get him to land on me. He is frighte...
1 1170
by  Doddie KentJump to last post
04-04-2012 12:54 PM
17 Replies and 2206 Views Advice needed please  2206  17 Started by  Dom Piero Hi everyone i am new to Birdline UK and to your Forum, for a lot of years i have always fancied getting an African Grey but wanted to wait until i had got my own place and now that i have i am considering going for it, But i need to know that it is right for myself and the Parrot,&160; i have a few questions that i hope you can advise me on. the first question i have put in another topic so hope you dont mind it being repeated just in case some of you missed it. 1)&160; I live on my own and ...
17 2206
by  Dom PieroJump to last post
29-03-2012 3:18 PM
8 Replies and 1318 Views Aloe vera??  1318  8 Started by  d.fineberg &160;where can i buy aloe vera concentrate from
8 1318
by  nigelJump to last post
24-03-2012 2:08 PM
19 Replies and 4684 Views Any advice on hand taming my conure?  4684  19 Started by  Frankster Hello again parrot people, I'm here to pester you with more bird welfare questions about my friend Momo the blue crowned conure. Momo has been with me for 4 months now and I believe he's 4 or 5 years old. He was desperately timid when he first arrived but he has responded brilliantly to constant human contact and he's turned into a very happy, noisy and boisterous little bird with a wonderful personality BUT he still will not allow anyone to touch him - not even me, after 4 months of sitting ...
19 4684
by  RudytheconureJump to last post
19-03-2012 5:17 AM
0 Replies and 853 Views cockatiel help!!!!  853  0 Started by  Rudytheconure &160;&160;Hi &160; &160; &160; &160; &160; I am looking for some advice, Im not new to birdkeeping but have never had to deal with this situation before so could do with a bit of help. &160; &160; &160; &160; &160; &160; &160; Yesterday I went to look at some 'hand reared' cockatiels for my son who wanted a friend for our conure and a bird of his own-unfortunately when I got there there was 4x cockatiels in what I would deem a budgie cage, a lady that smoked in the house with the...
0 853
19-03-2012 3:15 AM
3 Replies and 1149 Views how often should i spray Bubb's  1149  3 Started by  d.fineberg &160;Bubb's love to have a nice warm spray bath, but how often should i do it I dont want to do it too often but also not enough, he is getting alot more of his feathers back now but still is fairly naked He has settled in here so well and is really happy. he has plenty of toys in his cage i have changed his food to tydymix which he loves, he also has fresh fruit and veg everyday. its just the bathing i need to get sorted out any help greatfully appreciated &160; &160;
3 1149
by  DizzyBlueJump to last post
17-03-2012 10:07 AM
7 Replies and 1881 Views Jardine's Parrots  1881  7 Started by  mylo'smum Has anyone here had any experience of these birds In&160; September 2008 I went to look at a pair of Green Cheeks at a local pet shop, but before I got to their cage, I was introduced to a young Jardine's. It was love at first sight. She stomped onto my hand and willed me to take her home, and I became her slave. Willow was playful , inquisitive, funny and determined and I adored her.&160;She had a severe wing clip when&160;I bought her, but even when her feathers grew back,&160;she would...
7 1881
by  mylo'smumJump to last post
14-03-2012 6:08 AM
12 Replies and 1995 Views Cockatiel cage  1995  12 Started by  Bobby Looking for some advise,&160;we are&160;about to&160;pick up&160;Bambam and Dizzy the cockatiels who will come with a cage. The thing is that we go away at weekends 2 to our static caravan and need a second cage for them. Looking to get them a cage but what size will I need. Has anyone kept 2 cockatiels or similar size birds in 1 cage Or does anyone have a good website for reasonably priced cages. Went and looked at a cage that was&160;on&160;o gumtree today and it was disgusting and shou...
12 1995
by  SharonLJump to last post
13-03-2012 7:18 AM
18 Replies and 1573 Views Paint Advice Needed for Cage.  1573  18 Started by  Cheryl I have been given a very large parrot cage by a friend.&160; It needs a little bit of sprucing up and would like to know what paint would be suitable to use that will not be&160;toxic to the birds.&160; We will strip it down in next few weeks and give it a good rub down. Fit it out with new perches and food bowls. I then have a spare for any bird that comes in as a SH that may not have a cage or as an outdoor cage for the summer so i don't have the hassle of disassembling mine Any advice m...
18 1573
by  CherylJump to last post
05-03-2012 2:41 PM
5 Replies and 1048 Views Light bulb warning  1048  5 Started by  debs13 &160;Saw this on another group and thought I should pass it along, I have never given light bulbs a thought. * * * * Alert- Sudden flock death - No Warning Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 11:06 WARNING We lost 16 birds, long term healthy and productive guineas and chickens! All were safely in their large coop and all died there. They died a terrible, painful, and suffocating death in a place that they thought was safe. They died between the time they were locked in the coop and when I...
5 1048
by  CherylJump to last post
01-03-2012 9:36 AM
38 Replies and 2764 Views Rescued a new Bird not to pleased  2764  38 Started by  d.fineberg
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
&160;my niece came home yesterday with 3 african greys and a timneh, I have taken on the Timneh who is called bubbles i have got some paperwork &160;from when he went to the vets apparently they pulled all of his feathers out. he is basicaly blad and i can say he doesnt pluck there isnt 1 feather in his cage today. he has a beautiful head very loving fella. &160; What i want to ask is Why would a vet pull out all of his feathers
38 2764
by  SharonHJump to last post
23-02-2012 4:31 AM
15 Replies and 2059 Views AVIAN vets  2059  15 Started by  SharonL For reference, how should a parrot owner know is a vet is actually 'an avian vet' Is there one or more qualification to look out for and if&160; so, what are they Is there a website where you can check to see if someone is an avian vet
15 2059
by  JennJump to last post
21-02-2012 5:33 AM
7 Replies and 1085 Views Heat, light and grit  1085  7 Started by  Jenn I keep adding more parrot books to my library and am getting confused!&160; Do you all have heat lamps and special daylight lamps for your birds I did ask about grit before and the answer was not to give it (Unless to chickens) but the most recent book I have, recommended on the MRCVS site, does say to give parrots grit and goes into some detail as to the type of grit.&160; Apparantly apart from the possible aid to digestion it provides a number of trace elements.&160;
7 1085
by  smallyJump to last post
19-02-2012 8:41 AM
13 Replies and 1141 Views Would this be suitable for my Polly Macaw ??  1141  13 Started by  Ally &160; Its a mix of red and sandblasted manzanita wood. This tree is a full size 5ft tall. Perching diameters are 1/2' to 2.5 inches in diameters &160; &160; &160;
13 1141
by  AllyJump to last post
10-02-2012 9:32 PM
5 Replies and 1083 Views not sure  1083  5 Started by  kev hi all, basically my friend gave me some willow sticks for precious but im unsure because they were for rabbits to chew on, the label on the bag says natural willow gnawing sticks, now ive read the post on here about good and bad wood and willow is on the good list but it goes on about with some willow you have to strip the bark off, and that some types contain a type of paracetomel (is that how you spell it..) so now im unsure. the other thing i want to check is that my daughter (zoe) asked i...
5 1083
by  kevJump to last post
31-01-2012 2:53 PM
11 Replies and 1249 Views Plucker  1249  11 Started by  Nina Hiya, Picked up the most lovely semi naked Ducorps today, (safehouse)&160;and am wondering what to buy for her to help with her plucking. I&160;have no history what so ever, but was recommended aloe vera to spray on her. (To calm the itch I&160;would presume)&160; Could anyone link me the actual stuff I&160;need, where I&160;get it from and how to use it. I&160;know I&160;am paranoid, but want to do things by the book the first time 'round Anything to help this adorable, confident flu...
11 1249
by  nigelJump to last post
15-01-2012 2:02 PM
4 Replies and 1118 Views I'm going but he's staying.  1118  4 Started by  nigel . At the end of November I shall be away in Aus for 10 days, this will be the first time Danny cag&160; will not have me around since he came to live with us almost 3 years ago, now I am not one to think that he will pine away etc etc in fact I tend to believe it's more of a problem for us than it is for them, Danny will of course be at home with my wife and daughter as usual and hopefully sticking pretty much to his routine albeit with someone else carrying out the chores Just wanted to know w...
4 1118
by  nigelJump to last post
03-11-2011 1:57 PM
4 Replies and 1033 Views Help  1033  4 Started by  Becs Hi everyone, was just wondering if anybody could give me a little advice; we are safehousing at present and are having a few problems we need to discuss, however, we're in Torquay and understand our ACO is no longer with Birdline.&160; Whilst she has been very helpful and given me another number to try, despite trying several times I can't get through and it continually says the message box is full.&160; Any help would be great as I really need to sort somethings out with our bird. Many thank...
4 1033
by  SharonHJump to last post
31-10-2011 1:57 PM
5 Replies and 1123 Views Which bird is right for us?  1123  5 Started by  hayleyc I've just joined the forum hoping to find out a bit more about birds and whether our family would be suitable to rehome one. We've had budgies before, but nothing larger. Our family consists of myself, my husband and two young children aged 16 months and 4 years. We only have one pet at the moment, which is a little mouse. I work part time, 2 days a week and my husband works full-time. The rest of the week, me and the children are at home for a good portion of the day. I suppose my main concern ...
5 1123
by  maddiesharpJump to last post
28-10-2011 11:32 PM
3 Replies and 1292 Views emergency advice needed  1292  3 Started by  d.fineberg &160;iam housesitting for my mum and dad they are in florida one of thier budgies has hatched a baby and it is way too cold outside for it and the mum isnt really that good every time you enter the pen she isnt anywhere near the box unlike the cockatiels who stay in there&160; i dont know what to do i dont want it to die from the cold and i cant get hold of my mum iam 100 certain that the mum wont keep it warm iam prepared to bring it in and hand feed it, even prepared to get up ever...
3 1292
by  Doddie KentJump to last post
27-10-2011 12:58 AM
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