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Last Post 25-08-2014 10:32 AM by  poppet16
re companion bird for my amazon
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25-08-2014 10:32 AM

    Hello i posted on here a while ago about having to rehome Peggy my Amazon the day came for the rescue to come for him and there was a mix up and no one came.It was a blessing really as i spent most of the day crying waiting because i really didnt want him to go.The problem was a dog i had attacking him all the time i managed to rehome the dog but my other dogs who were ok with him befor still behaved the same when the other dog had gone.I am having to still keep Peggy in the dining room he has the tv and loads of out the cage and play with me time but as soon as i leave the room he is squawking for attention.

    I find he sat on top of the cabinet preening and sleeping in between a teddy bears legs most of the time,i was debating if he might benefit from a companion bird.I have done a lot of research and realise there isn't any guarantee they would like each other or get along.I have been thinking for a few months now and cant decide if it is a good idea or not any advice would be appreciated.Also would he be better with another Amazon or a similar sized parrot as himself.