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Last Post 24-09-2016 3:09 PM by  hedges88
Urgent Advice needed regarding homelessness
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24-09-2016 3:09 PM

    Hi All,

    I need some urgent advice with a very difficult situation, and as my birds are like my children it's very upsetting and intense. Any advice on what I could possibly do would be greatly appreciated.

    I have been living with my current partner for 3 years. I have 7 Parrots (And 5 Quail) at the address we have been sharing. We have 3x Bourke's parrots, 2x Cockatiels, 1x Elegant Parakeet and 5x Quail in an indoor aviary and a Quaker parrot with a cage and freestanding perch in the lounge.

    The property belongs to my partner, and we have split up with no chance of reconciliation. I have been placed in a hostel and I am still able to visit my birds every day to care and interact with them, but this is unlikely to last for long (Possibly a matter of days). 

    All of the birds belong to me in both ownership terms and emotional attachment. The aviary birds are all happy together and unusually the cockatiel and elegant parakeet are in an inter-species bond. The bourkes parrots have always been together as well.

    The council are finding me a home as quickly as possible and due to health problems it may be a but quicker than usual, but these things take time and there is no way a hostel or temporary accommodater will allow pets.

    Most sad of all is that the quaker parrot has only just been taken on as a rescue (was found in a garden and never claimed) just about a month ago, and the cockatiels were also rescued from a neglectful home about a year ago. They have had hard lives and have finally found a (until now) stable and loving environment.

    I have no idea what to do about them, I understand people take in parrots but I cannot bear to loose them and the though of them being separated is heart breaking. The knowledge that this is affecting me so badly is being used against me as leverage by my ex who will not tolerate me coming home to them for much longer

    I'd happily pay a good amount of money that I do have to have them looked after temporarily by someone. I'm just not in a position right now to be able to house them immediately

    Do I need to prepare myself for the fact that I may loose them and not see them again or is there some way I can get them looked after while I am being re-housed. Obviously the authorities involved have no interest whatsoever about animals of any kind and have no understanding about the emotional needs of parrots to be with their owner.  I have thought about calling the RSPCA but i'm so scared that I will be told that they will be taken from me if I cant give them a suitable home, knowing that soon I will have. I could probably re-home the quail if I had to, I wouldn't like to but as poultry it's unlikely to affect them too badly.

    Any advice on who or what might help me in this situation is really gratefully received.