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Last Post 08-12-2017 12:58 AM by  apricot
Advice needed
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26-11-2017 2:27 AM

    Hi everyone! I'll start off by quickly giving some background on myself: I'm an apartment dweller, work in finance in London, most of the time from 9am until 6pm (sometimes longer, usually around year end) and I would very much like to rehome a Timneh African Grey currently on the rehoming list. I grew up with cockatiels so I'm very comfortable around birds and more or less know how to behave around them, but I know an African Grey is much different and requires more attention and care. I've done some research on differences between Congo African Greys and Timneh African Greys and from my understanding most Timnehs are generally calmer and more flexible with their daily routine than Congos.

    I can get very creative in terms of coming up with toys and activities for the times I'm away at work and I was even thinking about leaving leaving the TV on for a couple of hours a day so that the parrot won't sit in silence waiting for me (I'll have to be careful about what shows I put on, don't really want to come home and hear something unpleasant).

    Nonetheless, given my circumstances, would it be fair to the bird to have him sit alone for so many hours each day? I've researched this quite a lot and there are no black and white answers to this questions, but I'm interested in other people's opinions and would very much appreciate your help.

    Tracey Elphick

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    26-11-2017 4:50 PM
    Personally I don't think it would be fair on the bird or your neighbours. Parrots are highly intelligent birds and also flock birds, meaning they need company. We see a lot of birds with behavioral issues and often it is because they are left alone for hours on end. This includes plucking and screeching/screaming.
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    08-12-2017 12:58 AM
    Firstly, well done for putting the birds needs above your own desires. I’d say it depends very much on the bird. Some would be quite happy to entertain themselves or doze during the day - others would get depressed, anxious, bored etc. I think you also have to be honest with yourself about how much time you are prepared to give them when you are not at work. Are you happy to be at home the majority of time at the weekends and skip drinks after work and go home instead of an evening out on a weekday?

    As mentioned above African Greys are highly intelligent and may not be best suited to this lifestyle. Whereas some other breeds may cope better. You could also consider taking two birds - who would keep each other company during the day. There are some pairs on the rehoming list.

    I know people often have their hearts set on African greys because they are smart birds - but I’d like to advocate for some of the smaller birds - who can be exceptionally loving and have amazing personalities. But then having had cockatiels you already know that !