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Last Post 05-08-2015 9:19 AM by  Doddie Kent
Limping Caique
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05-08-2015 8:23 AM


    We have had a black headed caique for about 6 months with no problems

    Age of the bird is unknown as we had it from the RSPCA Newport and they didn't know the age

    Got up this morning and the poor birdy is limping any advice before we take tiko to the vet




    Doddie Kent
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    05-08-2015 9:19 AM
    The most important thing is to take Tiko to an AVIAN vet. Can't stress this strongly enough - the ordinary vet has just one afternoon's training on birds... Look for the Zoo Med qualification. If necessary, Google 'Avian Vet' in your area/county/postcode.
    Good luck!