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Last Post 21-10-2016 10:29 AM by  Linda
Grieving Birds
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09-06-2016 3:46 PM

    Hi, has anybody found strategies to help with grieving birds.  We've lost a beloved budgie & I now have a 'crying', 'wailing' cockatiel (who thinks he is a budgie) and an upset other budgie.  The 3 of them shared a large cage.   I guess time is probably the best answer... but the wailing is really quite pitiful and heart wrenching. I've been spending more time talking softly to them and my female budgie seems to be responding to this a bit.... but not my cockatiel.  Many years ago when the cockatiel lost another budgie pal he 'wailed' for weeks - on that occasion I did end up sourcing another 2 budgie companions for him.  It is one of those budgies who has passed away (despite the help of an amazing avian vet).  He's not as attached to the remaining female budgie... nor her to him.  I'm not convinced that I want to get another budgie again as a way to try to solve his grief - or at least distract him - no guarantees that either of them will bond with a new bird.  Any suggestions or success stories people have had are welcome.  Thanks :-)

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    21-10-2016 10:29 AM
    I think the only thing you can do is give them a lot of attention
    Of course I can talk, can you fly