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***IMPORTANT NOTICE 6/4/2018*** - Unfortunately Birdline are now full with regard to rescue birds, and are currently UNABLE take additional birds into the charity. We will provide an update as soon as the position changes

WARNING – Please Be Aware 

If you are looking to re-home your parrot, please always use a reputable Parrot Rescue Organisation.

Always check to ensure the organisation you wish to use is registered with an approved organisation such as ‘The Charities Commission’ 

Please note that we only operate in England, Scotland and Wales. Birds going to be re-homed or safe housed must stay in one of these three countries 

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9 Replies and 2070 Views Harley- Progress report  2070  9 Started by  Scarlett As you all know, Harley horror has certain issues with his thyroid and with plucking. Well, out of the blue our vet stopped returning our calls and is suddenly leaving!! I was quite devastated as I liked Matt and trusted him&160;but they have another avian vet at their other branch who we have seen once with max and Molly, it`s a longer drive 1 3/4 hours but he has taken all our birds on. I discussed Harley with him and he wants to try a totally new approach. First he explained that the thy...
9 2070
by  Kirsty & mattJump to last post
13-05-2010 8:33 AM
12 Replies and 2437 Views Water and Feather Plucking  2437  12 Started by  Georgia Hi all, For those of you who read about Shell's Ammy and her mystery illness- I too have a story about water. Pele my Senegal seemed to have dry, flakey, sore skin and overpreened to the extent of baldness and I was worried whether I had a long term&160;feather plucker on my hands and was distraught and out of my mind as to what it was I was, or was not doing to make his life happy and healthy. After a £1000 worth of vet bills, I read Shell's post with interest and decided to buy a Britta Fi...
12 2437
by  SteveJump to last post
30-04-2010 10:15 AM
9 Replies and 1349 Views Harleys feather plucking  1349  9 Started by  Scarlett As requested this is a thread about Harley and his issues and as we have just changed the way we go about treating it perhaps it might help other people. First of all is his thyroid issue, it was too low and I assumed we were trying to get the medication dosage right to level the thyroid out and make him well. It seems this is not the case and the thyroid is like a hormone in that it changes by the day, well, by the hour. That`s why we need to find a dosage that seems to keep him generally stab...
9 1349
by  ScarlettJump to last post
29-04-2010 11:55 PM
3 Replies and 1865 Views DANGER FOODS  1865  3 Started by  kerryh33 thought i would start this post for information for everyone to use as a reference when thinking about giving certain foods. We all know the main big no no's.....but would be great to hear of other peoples tips , advice or experiance on certain foods, and can be a good guide for members new and old &160; One that sticks in my mind was monkey nuts, a lady (not sure if i read it on here) the lady bought roasted monkey nuts fit for human comsumption (as i did) as we all know raw ones can contai...
3 1865
by  ScarlettJump to last post
23-04-2010 2:05 PM
1 Replies and 1525 Views Introducing new foods to picky eaters  1525  1 Started by  belle Just browsing the net and came across this.....some helpful tips for&160;picky eaters If a food is totally new to a bird, it may not even recognize it as food. Offer new food in a familiar dish with other foods you know your bird already likes, and he or she may try the new food. Even if your bird only gets a taste of the new food by accident they still might decide they like it. Place a couple of treats such as sunflower seeds, raisins or cheerios in a dish of new food. Your bird...
1 1525
by  ChirpysmumJump to last post
13-04-2010 7:30 AM
1 Replies and 1671 Views Scaly Face  1671  1 Started by  seadreamer This might be old-hat to you all, but olive oil gets rid of this condition. Just apply with a cotton bud and the oil stops the fungus (I think it's fungal) from thriving. After a while it just disappears. A friend who ran a wildlife santuary got this from the book by the 'Bird Man of Alcatraz'. And it works.
1 1671
by  HayleyKJump to last post
26-03-2010 5:26 AM
3 Replies and 5115 Views Potassium Permanganate - OUCH!  5115  3 Started by  Mandy A few years back I was told by a vet that potassium permanganate was safe to use on all animals to stop bleeding. &160;And since then I;ve used it on any cut nails etc with my birds. &160;Well tonight, I managed to cut myself when shaving my legs, so decided to use some of this stuff to stop the bleeding as it was quite bad. &160;Well, yes it stopped the bleeding in in instant, like any other time I've used it but OMG OMG OMG, it stung like nothing I've&160;&160;felt before! It was absolute...
3 5115
by  Doddie KentJump to last post
25-03-2010 2:23 AM
18 Replies and 1986 Views Zolcal D  1986  18 Started by  Scarlett I have been asked by a few members in the past if we can stcok Zolcal D. Well, just for you guys (honest), we now stock Zolcal D, 2 sizes and ACE High. Scarlett x
18 1986
by  SteveJump to last post
19-02-2010 2:25 PM
5 Replies and 1882 Views Keeping your birds travel cages really safe  1882  5 Started by  Crystal West In a time where hygeine and keeping our birdies free from alsorts of ailments seems to be very high profile, I have come across away of cleaning the cages quickly and throughly, I expect some already do it, but here goes, Fill your bath with hot water and either F10 disenfectant or a solution of mild bleach. There are many approved cage cleaners from different suppliers. Anway immerse one or even two in the solution and weigh down, leave as long as possible while you go dance with your babies o...
5 1882
by  Crystal WestJump to last post
16-02-2010 1:39 AM
9 Replies and 2775 Views Air fresheners and scented candles  2775  9 Started by  Helen W I've noticed that, now the festive season is upon us, the air freshener companies are plugging (excuse the pun) their scented candles and plug-in air fresheners with festive aromas. I just wanted to remind everyone that these can be highly toxic to birds. &160; Sorry if you feel that I'm trying to teach Grandma to suck eggs but if it only saves one bird from harm then no apology is necessary. Have a happy and safe Christmas. &160; Helen
9 2775
by  Helen WJump to last post
08-11-2009 3:43 PM
7 Replies and 1856 Views Advice please on a few internet 'warnings'  1856  7 Started by  Oodie Can you let me know what you think of the following 'warnings' that crop up in the internet Ingesting String.&160; Oodie chews all sorts of stuff with string, especially his rope rings.&160; Is the scare story about&160; ingesting string true Contact with outside birds.&160; The back graden is a bit like a zoo at dawn and dusk, I think the bird is giving an 'all clear' to my patio.&160; Would you have concerns about this level of exposure to wild birds (see photo), one of the local beig...
7 1856
by  OodieJump to last post
22-09-2009 6:32 PM
8 Replies and 1729 Views Archive of parrot articles  1729  8 Started by  Oodie This is a good read The references provided for each article suggest it's not the usual internet cut'n'paste.&160; The one I'm really looking for is an academic vet article I came across once which examined all the urban myths about parrots and explained the vetinary science behind it (including apple pips - apparently the bird would need to eat an absurd amount to come to harm).&160; Sadly it was a PDF&160;within a webpage so I still haven't...
8 1729
by  Victoria WhitfieldJump to last post
19-09-2009 2:22 PM
12 Replies and 1939 Views hand held pressure sprayer  1939  12 Started by  Diane I think I have repetative strain injury in my hands using a normal sprayer to shower my lot, 7 big 5 small, so I was watching Keith with his pressure sprayer, spraying the tomatoes, and went of to get a smaller one for the birds. Tried it out they love it just pump and go it resembles fine rain they are all wet even Ruby who normally shouts 'no not now' at me had a shower. And my hands don't ache. &160;
12 1939
by  LIZJump to last post
08-08-2009 3:40 PM
3 Replies and 1680 Views Take Care when spraying/bathing birds in summer!!!  1680  3 Started by  shaz i realise this is obvious but would like to offer a word of caution now that SUMMER () has FINALLY&160;arrived. Please take extreme care when spraying or bathing birds during the hot weather. As much as it seems a nice idea to spray or bath them and then put them in the sun to dry.. it isn't advisable! Water droplets on their feathers and skin ( for those plucked babies) can act as a magnifying glass and in direct sun can cause the skin/ feathers to scorch or burn. Always ensure that damp/ ...
3 1680
by  MargyJump to last post
31-05-2009 2:24 PM
13 Replies and 3445 Views Branches as a natural toy and tonic  3445  13 Started by  IrinaP &160;Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, but already want to share a tip I am sure many people already do that, but for myself I have found out that a regular supply of fresh branches to our birds is one of the best toys you can give them. Not only it is a wonderful toy, but also the bark they strip and some of it they swallow is great for absorbing any possible toxins which could get somehow inside of them. Bark and wood also contain some trace minerals and elements, like we all know that...
13 3445
by  IrinaPJump to last post
29-04-2009 11:18 AM
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