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Last Post 15-09-2013 3:55 PM by  Sue C
Leftovers Bread
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Sue C
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15-09-2013 3:55 PM

    1Box cornbread mix       Anything else left over in the way of fruits,vegetables,beans,rice,ect.

    2Eggs with shells  (washed)

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees farenhieght.

    Follow the instructions on the corn bread mix.Mix everything together,blending well.Bake on a cookie sheet for 20-30minutes or until a tooth pick comes out clean.

    Cut into cubes and freeze. feed one cube a day. Depending on the left overs, you will need to ajust the liquid to make a batter of cornbread consistancy.This is great for leftovers that you didn't know what to do with.You can even use spaghetti and meat balls in this one.