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Last Post 25-05-2012 3:38 PM by  Helen W
Advice about toys
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Mandy J
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25-05-2012 3:00 PM

    My grey loves to shred things. Suprisingly she has never shredded the newspaper in the bottom of her cage but when she is out all paper, cards magazines etc are for hers for the taking. Im sure u read in the firum last year about someone who cut newspapers into squares and hung them in the cage. I have done this with my bird and she is in her element ripping it to pieces. I have also used old magazines and threaded them onto string and she loves to chew them.

    Are these type of things ok for parrots. My husband has said he was concerned about the inks and dyes.
    Helen W
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    25-05-2012 3:38 PM
    Modern newspaper print is fine. Our Greys also love toilet roll inners and I keep boxes from all sorts of shopping - everything from cereal boxes, through card at the bottom of beer trays to pizza base mix boxes. You have to be careful with 'shiny' cardboard, as these inks have often been coated with a kind of varnish that may not be so good for your bird. Our boys go through loads of cardboard and newspaper and it certainly does them no harm. I make 'forage' boxes of packed card, paper and favourite foot/chew toys and cable tie them to the playstand for extra stimulation. I tie them up with cotton string and coir rope to make it more of a challenge.

    Have you tried your Grey with rope too? Charlie, who was a plucker and is now fully feathered, loves coir rope. I could send you a length to try with your Grey if you like (sorry, I don't know her name.)