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***IMPORTANT NOTICE 6/4/2018*** - Unfortunately Birdline are now full with regard to rescue birds, and are currently UNABLE take additional birds into the charity. We will provide an update as soon as the position changes

WARNING – Please Be Aware 

If you are looking to re-home your parrot, please always use a reputable Parrot Rescue Organisation.

Always check to ensure the organisation you wish to use is registered with an approved organisation such as ‘The Charities Commission’ 

Please note that we only operate in England, Scotland and Wales. Birds going to be re-homed or safe housed must stay in one of these three countries 

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7 Replies and 1508 Views Joey orange wing amazon  1508  7 Started by  steve b Sadly tonight i was called to a kitchen fire and was confronted with a poor Orange Wing Amazon which had been overcome by smoke, i tried for a good 10 mins to revive him with oxygen and improvised cpr but he slipped away poor fella. My heart goes out to the owners at this very sad time.
7 1508
by  Helen WJump to last post
21-06-2012 11:08 AM
11 Replies and 1742 Views Ollie  1742  11 Started by  Angie Sadly on saturday morning wee Ollie passed over to rainbow bridge before joining his new forever family. He will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him in his safehouse and at birdline. Fly free wee ollie.
11 1742
by  sueJump to last post
26-04-2012 9:28 AM
9 Replies and 1628 Views Fly free wee Angel  1628  9 Started by  Angie &160;My daughter Rachaels wee budgie Angel passed away today. Shes heartbroken. Fly free over rainbow bridge little one xx
9 1628
by  KasukuJump to last post
19-04-2012 3:35 AM
14 Replies and 1590 Views Farewell Darling Jas  1590  14 Started by  Maureen Malone Smith Sadly last night my darling Jas went to Rainbow Bridge.&160; Jas or known to Birdline as Jasper, a Cherry Conure&160;came into Birdline care 4 years ago at the age of 25.&160; Jasper was on the rehoming list for months with no home offered when I was asked to safehouse the bird and give a new assessment for rehoming as rehoming couldn't understand why no one had made an offer.&160; I duly picked this poor bird up and rang the then rehoming office as we drove away saying that whilst the coupl...
14 1590
by  Rita TJump to last post
30-03-2012 12:51 AM
8 Replies and 1562 Views Bye Capie my cheecky little girl  1562  8 Started by  Belindabelins My very cheecky girl sadly passed on this week.She got in to a bad habbit of laying eggs and went from being&160; jumpy and happy to very weak to passing away all in one evening.It was such a shock and my heart is so broken.I got to cuddle her while she was going and i cant think about it because im just constantly crying.Im going to miss her so very much and it just wont be the same without her.We spoke to the vet and he said that they get egg bound which causes them to go downhill very quickl...
8 1562
by  wendyJump to last post
13-03-2012 3:35 PM
18 Replies and 1475 Views Goodbye and Fly Free Mac  1475  18 Started by  Debs It is with tears streaming down my face that I type this. My darling Jardines Parrot Mac gave up her fight today and has flown over Rainbow bridge. She has been battling with breathing problems for a few weeks but is now at peace. Last night she must have known she was going to meet her maker as she had a bath especially! Here&160;are the last photos I&160;have of her (and yes she really did get herself that wet!). There was I trying to calm her down given her breathing problems and there w...
18 1475
by  mylo'smumJump to last post
08-03-2012 6:35 AM
15 Replies and 1402 Views Peefer  1402  15 Started by  Vicky Ford My beautiful little man didn't make it and I'm devistated. Thursday he went really down hill so I spent a good part of the day cuddling him. He died that night. He was my first parrot and will always be my baby.RIP Peef I love you.
15 1402
by  saulJump to last post
07-03-2012 7:31 AM
20 Replies and 2626 Views Fly Free my Candi Girl  2626  20 Started by  picowitch
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
You came to me a little chick, a bundle of red and blue, From the moment you came into my life, I fell in love with you, My little package of feathers and fun, on every dark day you brought me sun, On the physical plain we have had to part, but you live on deep within my heart Fly over Rainbow Bridge, free of pain, and one day I will see you again Fly free my little chick love you lots x
20 2626
by  MichelleJump to last post
28-01-2012 5:48 PM
10 Replies and 1462 Views Bye bye Dickie  1462  10 Started by  SharonL After 8 faithful years I am saddened to tell you that my little Dickie has died. He was my faithful companion, always there when I needed him, and I did depend on him alot. &160;Just don't know now what I will do with out him. I am missing him so much already............ One moment he was fine, making the same old familiar sounds, the next he was gone. What am I to do
10 1462
by  Ian & linJump to last post
12-01-2012 10:41 AM
5 Replies and 1437 Views FAITH, the language of hope.  1437  5 Started by  Anne.M.Kenyon Hi all, I thought I would share this here, as it seems to be much liked on various forums etc, and is being passed around which is what I hoped for, especially if it is bringing comfort in times of greif, which seems to be the case. I hope you like it, and that it brings comfort to some of you here also xxx
5 1437
by  kim&dennisJump to last post
22-12-2011 3:16 PM
11 Replies and 1501 Views tikki  1501  11 Started by  matt n sooz on tuesday afternoon our little parrotlet tikki passed away while being tested for tumors, he had cancer in his heart lungs bowels, he was only 18 months old but was a lively and funny bird right till the end, we miss him more than anything, he gave us such a fun filled time even though he was suffering. couldnt ask for a better bird, rest in peace my boy.&160;&160;&160;
11 1501
by  KasukuJump to last post
20-10-2011 6:37 AM
11 Replies and 1373 Views Dizzy Blue Good Bye Duck  1373  11 Started by  DizzyBlue Love of my life Dizzy Blue finally after a long and cruel captivity doing what he was born to do all his life .... Flying Free.&160; Love ya sweets xx
11 1373
by  TinaJump to last post
04-10-2011 11:17 AM
18 Replies and 2415 Views Goodnight Pepe  2415  18 Started by  Helen W Pepe, one of Shaz's beloved CAGs flew over Rainbow Bridge last night (10th July). He was a gentle old man (in his late 40s) who touched the heart of anyone he met. I will certainly miss his cuddles. He had a naughty side too and belched and blew raspberries like no other. I know he will be dearly missed by Shaz and the flock. Goodnight little old man - we'll meet again over the Bridge sometime xxx Sweet dreams xxx
18 2415
by  kerryh33Jump to last post
16-08-2011 10:35 AM
11 Replies and 1424 Views charlie  1424  11 Started by  kim&dennis night night how&160; golden boy you will be so sadley mist&160; your wings so blue&160; like the sky and your chest&160; so&160; gold like the sun&160;may your wing open so wide and you fly how boy fly&160; we love you charlie with all our heart xxxnight night our sweet boy
11 1424
by  MandyJump to last post
12-07-2011 5:22 AM
11 Replies and 1816 Views morgan  1816  11 Started by  kim&dennis in loving memory of how dear morgan who went to heven today may his wings open wide and fly with the angles&160; in the sky he will be mist so dearly god bless&160; night night how morganxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
11 1816
by  SheenaJump to last post
12-05-2011 1:57 AM
3 Replies and 1373 Views Our lovely Rocky  1373  3 Started by  cathie and tony Rocky who died 2 months ago.We miss him so much
3 1373
by  kerryh33Jump to last post
29-04-2011 1:45 PM
12 Replies and 1537 Views our dear little friend  1537  12 Started by  Michelle rip little giz our little cockatiel who was such a dear little soul she will be sadly missed love sophie xxxx
12 1537
by  MandyJump to last post
17-04-2011 2:28 PM
15 Replies and 2382 Views hamster  2382  15 Started by  John Mckinnon my little grandsons hamster died todaym r i p little one from deacon&160; and carmen
15 2382
by  John MckinnonJump to last post
30-03-2011 8:59 AM
11 Replies and 2296 Views Goodbye my sweet hen  2296  11 Started by  Jayne and Lee Cope One of my beautiful chickens died yesterday , we'd had her just over 2 years and this one was called Adametta (dont ask why!).&160; Last year in August she was really really poorly and egg bound and so we had her in the house for a good while, whilst she had all sorts of lotions and potions and she sat on a hot water bottle all day and night to help her get better.&160; After about a week or so she got better and was back to her normal naughty self.&160; She had a heavy moult and grew back so...
11 2296
by  megamumto2Jump to last post
18-01-2011 7:25 AM
18 Replies and 2187 Views Bye Bye Billy Jo  2187  18 Started by  picowitch Goodbye Billy Jo, Tiel, aged 20.&160; Fly free wee man.&160; We all miss you especially Alix and your wee pal Dixie xx
18 2187
by  MichelleJump to last post
20-11-2010 2:33 PM
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