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***IMPORTANT NOTICE 6/4/2018*** - Unfortunately Birdline are now full with regard to rescue birds, and are currently UNABLE take additional birds into the charity. We will provide an update as soon as the position changes

WARNING – Please Be Aware 

If you are looking to re-home your parrot, please always use a reputable Parrot Rescue Organisation.

Always check to ensure the organisation you wish to use is registered with an approved organisation such as ‘The Charities Commission’ 

Please note that we only operate in England, Scotland and Wales. Birds going to be re-homed or safe housed must stay in one of these three countries 

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28 Replies and 3639 Views Goodbye Cydney Too  3639  28 Started by  Stuart
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Hi Everyone I just thought that you should know that at 7.30pm on the 20th of October 2010, 'Cydney Too' sadly passed away in my arms after a suffering what I think was a breathing problem. We are awaiting the results of the Post Mortem, but at this time I have no idea what she was ill with or what caused it. Fly Free Little Lady, we hope to see you again some day x x Jade and I want to thank you&160;all so much for your freindship and assistance since we have been members, and we hope to cat...
28 3639
by  wendyJump to last post
10-11-2010 7:14 AM
28 Replies and 4067 Views Goodbye Billy xxx  4067  28 Started by  Scotston
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I found Billy passed away this morning   The house was so quiet,  he and another were two Blue Crowns i was safehousing.   I've had them for quite a while now slowly getting them healthy and regrowing their feathers.   They were both doing so well, even though they had to be seperated from the beginning.  His friend looks so sad right now.  All the birds are silent    I feel so bad because i asked them both to quieten down last night...
28 4067
by  MandyJump to last post
28-10-2010 1:19 PM
22 Replies and 3404 Views Lucy Didn't Make It.  3404  22 Started by  Vicky Ford
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Last night poor Lucy collapsed at home she suddenly lost the use of her legs. My son and I rushed her to the emergency vet but she was so poorly&160; her heart failing fast ,we knew she would never be well again so made the awful&160;decision to put her to sleep. The vet and nurse were wonderful, Lewis and I cuddled her &160;as she went to sleep and she managed a last little lick of my hand as she went as if to say goodbye. We are absolutely devasted. Just over two weeks ago we had what we th...
22 3404
by  StuartJump to last post
22-10-2010 1:41 AM
10 Replies and 1353 Views To Duke  1353  10 Started by  Geoff Will all ways love you boy R.I.P run free now, Love Dad xxxx &160;
10 1353
by  John MckinnonJump to last post
28-09-2010 8:49 AM
7 Replies and 1324 Views Bye Mrs Crouch  1324  7 Started by  Jayne and Lee Cope One of my dear chickens, Mrs Crouch, died last week whilst we were on holiday, my friend who was looking after them kindly buried her next to Jenny .&160;&160;We have got a chicken that had been very poorly, who had spent quite a few weeks in the house while I was trying to make her better and wasnt sure if she would be alive by the time we got back, so when my friend text me on holiday to tell me that a chicken had died (I asked him to tell me) I naturally assumed it was the poorly one, but w...
7 1324
by  GeoffJump to last post
27-09-2010 11:10 PM
5 Replies and 1417 Views 'Jasper'  1417  5 Started by  Jac In memory of my little friend'Jasper' red rossella, in our lives for seven years, our first parrot, passed over on the 7th September, in my arms, very much missed, fly free little man, love Mum and Dad. xxxxxxxxxxx.
5 1417
by  Helen WJump to last post
27-09-2010 11:17 AM
8 Replies and 1737 Views radar  1737  8 Started by  John Mckinnon fly free little one till we meet again i miss u already R.I.P
8 1737
by  MelJump to last post
18-08-2010 1:46 PM
13 Replies and 1572 Views Bye Zabac  1572  13 Started by  Diane This is my old horse who went out to grass for the last time at his retirement home with Jackie he was almost 34 years old In his prime horse trialing happy times x
13 1572
by  SharonLJump to last post
13-08-2010 1:55 PM
20 Replies and 3153 Views FLY FREE MY LITTLE MAN COCKA  3153  20 Started by  Steve
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20 3153
by  belleJump to last post
10-08-2010 7:25 AM
22 Replies and 3158 Views Fly free Hymie  3158  22 Started by  Helen W
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Hymie, Shaz's elderly B&G Macaw, flew over Rainbow Bridge this evening. He was a real character, troubled by arthritis till Shaz soothed his aches and pains, always wanting to be the centre of attention and never afraid to tell you when it was time to leave by announcing 'Bye' (very loudly). I know how Shaz will miss him, but he too now has a special spot in front of the aviary. Fly free once more Hymie, in the knowledge of how much you were loved x
22 3158
by  margaret brownJump to last post
08-08-2010 3:43 PM
16 Replies and 2359 Views Joey- This is for Michelle aka Ladybug  2359  16 Started by  Scarlett After his short little life, and battle with PDD, sadly Joey passed over the bridge this morning. Joey was so young, yet he made such an impact on his family in his short little life. He will be missed by many and remembered for his courage and with a smile. Scarlett
16 2359
by  Helen WJump to last post
15-03-2010 4:04 PM
12 Replies and 1794 Views Olive  1794  12 Started by  Lee Ferdinand Olive came to live here three years ago, two years ago we discovered that she had cancer and was only given six months or so to live.... Well she past six months then twelve and in fact managed 2 years until today. This morning Olive started passing blood in her droppings, after speaking to our Vet who only examined Olive on Saturday we decidied that it was time to think about what we did next. Today Olive must have thought it was Christmas as she managed to eat digestives, custard creams, bit...
12 1794
by  LesleyGJump to last post
23-02-2010 12:38 PM
17 Replies and 2124 Views RIP Gypsy  2124  17 Started by  HayleyK The angels came for Gypsy today &160; &160; She had her feed, and called for a cuddle, she snuggled ino my neck, called once more, and then she was gone Fly free my Angel at Rainbow Bridge, although no longer together, we will never be apart, for my heart will always belong to you, not even Death can seperate us. In your short little life, you suffered so much, and yet you touched the hearts of everyone around you, I miss you so much already, but be happy at Rainbow Bridge ...
17 2124
by  Scott 'n' DawnJump to last post
08-02-2010 1:55 AM
0 Replies and 1401 Views Thank You Amanda.  1401  0 Started by  Deleted User Birdline UK&160;would like to send our condolenses to the family and friends of Amanda Herrell who sadly recently passed away. We very much appreciate all the donations we rececived in her memory at this very sad time. Thank you Amanda.
0 1401
28-01-2010 11:15 AM
16 Replies and 3095 Views Be good Ivor..  3095  16 Started by  Teri &160;It is with deep regret that I have to post this.&160; Ivor was a white eyed conure that came to me 2 years ago. Ivor wasnt the most affectionate bird in the world, in fact a kiss and then screamed at was as close as it got. He was however a very funny little chap in his own sweet way..&160; It is so quiet in my birdroom without you there Ivor, you know how you screamed when I came in with your breakfast.. I am going to miss you little man, but, you do us all proud, you fly high and scr...
16 3095
by  kerryh33Jump to last post
12-01-2010 11:00 AM
18 Replies and 2061 Views RIP GEORGE  2061  18 Started by  Sheila Downes Last night my best friend George died. We have been together for almost 16 years, we were on the list to have a new home but it didnt happen yet ( we have waited a long time) and maybe now thats for the best. I miss him very very much and I am very lonely now. The people at Birdline have told me that I may have a new friend coming to meet me very soon, I hope so and I hope we can be friends as I dont like being alone. I have never been on my own and its scary. Fly Free George and wait for me...
18 2061
by  LesleyGJump to last post
18-12-2009 10:29 AM
11 Replies and 1252 Views RIP Silver the Budgie  1252  11 Started by  Mel Silver the little budgie we rescued along with another eleven of the&160;little ones&160;has died this morning. I am waiting for chaz to get in so that we can bury him. These little ones had such a bad start to life and were so neglected. Fly free little one to rainbow bridge, knowing that you have spent the last&160;7 months of your life enjoying freedom, sunshine and fresh air in a lovely aviary and having known love in your final&160;home with us.&160; We will miss you little one and...
11 1252
by  KasukuJump to last post
17-12-2009 7:32 AM
8 Replies and 1759 Views RIP SPARKIE  1759  8 Started by  John Mckinnon my white eyed conure SPARKIE died this morning rip little one i,ll see u at the bridge
8 1759
by  Ann ConwayJump to last post
09-12-2009 10:53 PM
21 Replies and 3246 Views RIP Sid  3246  21 Started by  Ian & lin
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
&160; &160; It is with great sadness we wish to inform you our little boy Sid (Umbrella cockatoo) died this morning. We were very privileged to be able to care for him. He will be sorely missed by us and all that know him. Sid our beautiful&160;boy fly free over rainbow bridge & may God take care of you till&160;daddy & mummy&160;get there. Mummy & Daddy love & miss you so much you will always be in our thoughts…
21 3246
by  Ian & linJump to last post
08-12-2009 1:57 AM
12 Replies and 1622 Views RIP Sol  1622  12 Started by  Mandy I got up this morning to find one of my beautiful little parrotlets lying on the floor of the cage, and thought he was already dead. &160;But when I got him out, he was just about alive and opened his eyes. &160;Me and Dan spent his last hour cuddling him whilst he was fitting, I dont know what happened it was so sudden. Dan is devestated and Lisa Sol's cagemate is calling for him. &160;I never want to see that again, it was horrible&160; Fly free little sweety, hope you have a heart shaped...
12 1622
by  LoumayJump to last post
04-12-2009 3:37 PM
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