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Last Post 30-07-2014 3:21 PM by  Vicky Ford
Large Parrot Cage For Sale
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Vicky Ford
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30-07-2014 3:21 PM
     photo 006.jpg       For Sale:- Very large Montana cage which I think is called a Miami. It is four years old and has had one careful lady Cockatoo tenant. She is a perch eater so it does need new perches! She has never dismantled any of the cage it's self. It opens on the top to put a play perch but as it is so large and ceiling low I can't open it to get the height. Closed the cage is 6ft 4in high by 3ft 4in wide and 2ft 8in deep. There are three feeding bowls and a handy cupboard underneath to put all your birdies bits and bobs. I do need the cage out of the house so it has had to be dismantled to do so and will be stored in the garage. Any buyer will have to collect and I am in North Devon. It's original price was £500 and I am looking for £250 for it with the £50 going to Birdline so the better the offer the more Birdline get! I would consider any sort of deal that could involve a Java tree as part or full(depending on condition) payment. 
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