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Last Post 16-09-2011 4:09 AM by  Marc
How to add a picture to your post
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16-09-2011 4:09 AM

    Okay, here we go!

    First, you need to host your picture at photobucket, imageshack or some other image hosting website. This is because in an effort to reducde cost to Birdline, we have stopped the ability to upload pictures.

    Once you have your picture hosted, you should have a link to the picture.

    Example URL (Web Address) from Imageshack:

    So, you have got your URL (Web Address) for the picture. You can now click on the Image Icon








    Once you have clicked the Insert/Edit Image button a new box will appear. In this new box, enter the URL (web address) that you got from your image hoster.










    Once you have entered the URL, now click on OK and the image will appear in your post.

    Job Done !