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Last Post 26-02-2011 1:25 AM by  Marc Fuller
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25-02-2011 11:52 AM

    Hi Guys,

    Since our last update to the forums, it appears the developers broke the "Recent Posts" section at the bottom of the website. Instead of showing just the latest reply to a post, it was showing all recent replies to posts.

    It appears that this has caused a lot of frustration and upset. Developers are denying that it's changed.

    So, I have removed that feature from the website. To be honest, it is NOT the best way to check for new posts. The best way is by using the "View Unread" feature.

    The View Unread feature will show you all posts that have had replies since you last read them. It's up there on the grey bar above... I've put it in bold for you. Click on it and you'll ge a nice list (latest posts at the top) of all stuff that has happened since you last read the posts. Once you've been through it all, it's always good practice to click "Mark all as read" which will basically tell the forums to clear the View Unread list.

    Any questions, please let me know. I'm sorry the recent posts feature has gone, but not alot we can do about it... wasn't very good anyway

    Marc Fuller

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    26-02-2011 1:25 AM
    Oh, and I totally forgot about the Active Topics feature. It's a couple along from View Unread.

    Active Topics will show you topics that have been recently replied to

    When using View Unread.. once you have read it, it dissapears from the view unread list. So, if you've replied and you want to check your post, it wont be in the View unread list.

    So, use Active Topics!