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***IMPORTANT NOTICE 6/4/2018*** - Unfortunately Birdline are now full with regard to rescue birds, and are currently UNABLE take additional birds into the charity. We will provide an update as soon as the position changes

WARNING – Please Be Aware 

If you are looking to re-home your parrot, please always use a reputable Parrot Rescue Organisation.

Always check to ensure the organisation you wish to use is registered with an approved organisation such as ‘The Charities Commission’ 

Please note that we only operate in England, Scotland and Wales. Birds going to be re-homed or safe housed must stay in one of these three countries 

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7 Replies and 4300 Views BIRDLINE AWARENESS IN CUMBRIA  4300  7 Started by  Ann Conway A recent newspaper&160; feature promoting Birdline in Cumbria, Under features entitled A friend to all things feathered.
7 4300
by  Doddie KentJump to last post
23-02-2013 2:31 PM
2 Replies and 1083 Views Nails  1083  2 Started by  Lynn Do any of you file your fids nails Bobby sat on my knee earlier while I did his, this is great as he has been a bit on the moody side for a while and wouldn't let me, had done them before and he was great also, even let me file a little jaggy bit on his beak.
2 1083
by  Dave VJump to last post
21-02-2013 2:41 AM
0 Replies and 807 Views Bucks, Beds, Northants, need your help.  807  0 Started by  Ann Conway Bucks, Beds and Northants areas are desperately in need of more safehouses, Collections Officers, Acos, and a potential area manager. Would you like to join us and help make a huge difference to the birds we care for , do you feel you have what it takes,  do you have your own transport, are you a good team player. Do you have time on your handsDo you have any experience with parrots. If you feel you have what it takes and would like to become more involved in our work, please email me fo...
0 807
20-02-2013 3:20 AM
0 Replies and 997 Views URGENTLY NEEDED !!! MEMBERS TO HELP US !!  997  0 Started by  Ann Conway Do you live in the  Berks, Bucks, Beds, Northants, areas Can you help !!! We urgently need Collection Officers, and  Safehouses,in all of these areas. Please contact us if you are able to help.  
0 997
10-02-2013 11:43 AM
2 Replies and 909 Views It'd be funny if it wasn't so painful!  909  2 Started by  sallyann Today i did my usual clean, feed and spray of the morning, all s/h birds love the spray bit. So when i spray one bird he does his usual hang upside down from the climbing ropes, wings spread wide whilst saying 'don't look - look away' (well i guess having a morning shower is abit private). Totally drenched he seemed happy, water temp -fine, spray -fine, all bits covered. I turned to start spraying my 'too, when suddenly there was a mad fluttering and a sudden pain in my shoulder. It was too q...
2 909
by  Helen WJump to last post
05-02-2013 12:29 PM
2 Replies and 1049 Views Nebulisers - for FREE!  1049  2 Started by  Dave V There seems to be an increasing occurence of Aspergillosis at the moment - I know not why! However, one thing that can really help a suffering bird is a Nebuliser and I feel everyone who keeps parrots should have one, along with F10SC. The correct strength to use this is one part F10SC to 250 parts water (i.e. 1 ml:250mls.). MAKE SURE ITS THE CLEAR F10 SC and NOT the green one! Back to the nebuliser. I got mine from Freecycle for FREE! Freecycle or it's sister site Freegle operate in most large ...
2 1049
by  swwchrisJump to last post
03-02-2013 2:00 PM
2 Replies and 816 Views What a lovely birdy day!  816  2 Started by  SharonL Well, Bryan was away early today taking part in an archery tournament, so apart from the usual shed load of housework, I have had a very indulgent birdy day. SH sennie is a total poppet. How many safehouse birds do you get who choose the Harrisons over AS20 She also had her first proper shower today. I pumped the wood burner up and got the room temp to around 20deg so they would be warm enough when wet  and systematically showered the whole flock. Last was sh sennie. She ...
2 816
by  SharonLJump to last post
03-02-2013 12:16 PM
1 Replies and 937 Views Moving!  937  1 Started by  HelenC I love it! When I have my weekly toy move round in scoobie cage the toys he's not bothered with for a while are now his favourites! Keep him entertained for a couple of hours lol!
1 937
by  PamazonJump to last post
28-01-2013 10:04 AM
0 Replies and 717 Views Scoobie destroying his toy!  717  0 Started by  HelenC <a href='¤t=83EECCA7-1A1E-49E8-8075-78ACE0BAC56C-427-0000004436CE5791.jpg' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt='Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos' /></a> Scoobie!
0 717
26-01-2013 3:12 PM
9 Replies and 983 Views Some pics of scoobie my cag!  983  9 Started by  HelenC <a href='¤t=0F3ABDC3-0A53-49EA-B25D-21AB1F08CAC4-834-00000123EF3C8234.jpg' target='_blank'><img src='' border='0' alt='Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos' /></a> His new toddler table <a href='¤t=148DBCCF-6C79...
9 983
by  MargyJump to last post
25-01-2013 5:14 PM
4 Replies and 1174 Views We need your donations!  1174  4 Started by  Victoria Whitfield C'mon guys we need your cash...........You will all be aware of how many birds are donated to BL with some quite serious health issues and far more often than we would like we inevitably lose some to Rainbow Bridge. It would be truly wonderful if we could raise the cash for a small plot within a pet crematorium so that all those babies, some of who have only known the love of a safe house for a short time had somewhere to go. Please consider donating to realise this wish so that all those babies...
4 1174
by  PamazonJump to last post
25-01-2013 4:31 PM
6 Replies and 1079 Views Billie's Problems  1079  6 Started by  Dave V I have a U2 (one of my own birds, not a Birdline bird not that it makes any difference) who has recently had a medical problem. To save me typing it all out again, PLEASE visit my website and under the heading 'Birds' scroll down to Billie and read his story. There is an IMPORTANT lesson to be learned there! While you're visiting, why not read about Blu the Hyacinth (just scroll down a little further). He has an important lesson too. Healthchecks are very valuable! So too is knowing a FULLY TRA...
6 1079
by  SharonLJump to last post
24-01-2013 9:26 AM
2 Replies and 813 Views New words!  813  2 Started by  HelenC I have had scoobie about 6 weeks now and although he has been talking all the time it was the phrases he learnt in his old house, but last night and today he hasn't stopped saying new phrases and making me chuckle all day, in fact he's cackling like a witch now which my husband assures me sounds like me laughing!
2 813
by  Deb TuxJump to last post
23-01-2013 3:39 PM
1 Replies and 1098 Views Wrapping paper  1098  1 Started by  sallyann Hi all,            If like me you're busy wrapping for the flock as well as other members of the household, a thought occurred. Is wrapping paper ok to wrap birdie pressies in - re, inks etc. Thanks Sallyann  
1 1098
by  Helen WJump to last post
13-12-2012 1:08 PM
6 Replies and 1305 Views URGENT APPEAL FOR SAFEHOUSES !!!!!  1305  6 Started by  Ann Conway Due to a  large influx of birds  that are  waiting to come in before xmas,  we are  in  desperate need of many new safehouses  in all areas of the uk. If you can help please contact us by email to or the helpline 0845 643 1785. Current safehouses who have any space please contact your aco or manager urgently. Members interested who have not already been contacted, again please contact us with the utmost urgency. Lets all make sure that...
6 1305
by  Ann ConwayJump to last post
06-12-2012 5:26 PM
7 Replies and 1050 Views Your best and/or worst presents ever.  1050  7 Started by  Ann Conway  My worst had to be a pack of size 10 Knickers when I was size 22 from my step mother. (i didnt like her much either) lol. Best is always  slippers. I get upset if I dont get any.
7 1050
by  Helen WJump to last post
06-12-2012 1:21 PM
27 Replies and 2206 Views A-Z Christmassy things  2206  27 Started by  Ann Conway
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
Angels, alcohol.
27 2206
by  picowitchJump to last post
05-12-2012 1:00 PM
1 Replies and 2990 Views Parrots singing, dancing and all  2990  1 Started by  Jenn Have a look at Orange quirky news.  There is a parrot (Cockatoo) damcing and singing Gangnam Style and links to a few other parrot videos.  The link is;  Emjoy!
1 2990
by  SharonHJump to last post
20-11-2012 3:02 AM
10 Replies and 1402 Views Birdline Calendars  1402  10 Started by  LesleyG Ideal stocking fillers!!! Take a look at the website below, look in the catalogue and under the general heading you'll find the Birdline calendar for sale, Birdline gets a percentage of the price so lets go Christmas shopping!!!!!
10 1402
by  sallyannJump to last post
19-11-2012 3:36 AM
5 Replies and 1211 Views fruit  1211  5 Started by  nick&karen hi all, this must have been asked a hundred time but can i give my birds kiwi fruit, fresh pineapple,dragon fruit,sharon fruit its just my local supermarket has all these fruits on offer at the mo. and i do like a bargain. can any one  help me please
5 1211
by  Helen WJump to last post
15-11-2012 11:34 AM
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