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Last Post 24-03-2016 4:47 AM by  Pat
Parrots Sitter (1 night, 2 days) required in Essex
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24-03-2016 4:47 AM

    I have not yet set-up a date as this can be discussed with the sitter.

    I need 3 times per year to visit my mother who is in a home in Le Havre (France).... I am a French national.

    Each time I have to drive to Portsmouth to catch a ferry that takes 8 hours at night, so I usually go on a Friday evening and come back on saturday late evening.  I usually advertise in the Essex Chronicle.

    Preferably a lady used to cockatiels and/or african greys.  I do have a spare double bedroom so the sitter can sleep comfortably for one night.  All the rooms in the house have a TV.  The semi-detached house sits opposite a park and has 3 sets garden areas, the back is occupied by a large aviary.

    The sitter would need to keep my routine with my birds, which is to sit with them between 19:00 and 20:30 in the evening (there is a tv in the room). I am afraid you will need to sleep next to a baby monitor to make sure nothing bad is happening, but it is usually very quite at night time though the cockatiels always squabble a bit.

    You would be able to use all the facilities and the side garden has a large driveway so you can park your car.

    Important factor: there is also one dog, a white westie who is deaf and will need to be fed (4 pouches/day) and for the side door to be opened at regular intervals so he can lift his paw on the lawn.  There is a dog walker that would come twice to pick the dog up too walk him in the park.  So you can concentrate in spending sometimes with the birds.

    1 night and 2 days with your caring attention rewards of £120 cash and  big thank you from me for enabling me to visit my elderly mother.