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Last Post 02-12-2011 10:27 AM by  smally
Benjamin and Little Marge rescue bunnies. Safe at last!
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02-12-2011 6:50 AM

    This is Benjamin macBunnington the First. His video will tell his story...


    And here is his friend, Little marge, a more recent adoption. I saw her sad, scarred little face on a website page, and vowed from that very minute that she was going to come home, home to me and Benjamin. And of course, she did! Her story is toild via her poem below..

    Im sure I didnt do anything wrong,
    And I tried to be a good bun.
    But one day, my carers stopped loving me,
    And my world became cold, and no fun.

    I got hungry, but rarely was I given food,
    I got dirty, got sore, and so ill.
    My heart, it just ached with the need for some love,
    A need it seemed, no-one could fill.

    I realised soon that I wasn't nice,
    Who'd want a bad bunny like me?
    I was crawling with maggots, and covered in poo,
    I'm not sure how all this came to be.

    One day I was passed to some strangers,
    And they held me, and cried in dismay.
    Was that because I was so horrible?
    Would they also throw me away?

    But no!They had time, and they spared some for me!
    They washed me and fed me aswell!
    They trimmed my long claws and I found I could walk
    Without pain, they CARED, I could tell..

    My once lovely teeth that had rotted, gone bad
    Were removed so they gave me no pain.
    I was constantly told that it WASN'T my fault,
    And hope entered my heart once again.

    The neglect from my past had left me quite blind,
    And my eye hurt beyond all belief.
    A Vet took it away, the pain ended that day,
    Such a wonderful, heart-felt relief.

    But my past left it's scars that could not be removed,
    And I thought that's all people will see.
    A little scarred bunny still needing much care,
    And so many just walked straight passed me.

    But the people who'd helped me said not to lose hope,
    That one day an adopter would come,
    And not see the scars of my horrible past,
    They would see just a beautiful bun.

    Well, that person, she came! And she didn't walk past!
    She held me with tears in her eyes.
    But I still didn't know how all would turn out,
    More rejection, or a lovely surprise?

    Well Im telling my story from my lovely new home!
    Yes that lady, she came back for me!
    And this time all tears were of joy for the bun
    Who was going home..Finaly!

    My carers at Freshfields, I will never forget,
    They're the ones who never gave up.
    And although I moved on it will live in my heart
    How they changed my world and my luck.

    Now Im finally home with a friend of my own,
    And a carer who saw the real me.
    I am happy, Im safe, forever Im loved,
    The way that it was ment to be.

    (By little Marge with a bit of help from mummy,


    Marge and Benjamin bonding!



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    02-12-2011 7:40 AM
    What a sad story but glad it is a happy ending. Well done.
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    02-12-2011 10:27 AM
    awww that is so so sad and so so lovely at the same time because of the happy ending. Why oh why can there not be more people like you in this world that are so loving and devoted to spending your time to those be it animals, birds and I am sure humans and anything that can care. Keep up the wonderful work that you obviously are doing with those in your care.