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Last Post 23-08-2017 4:26 PM by  Patchy
Hi from Edinburgh
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23-07-2017 12:47 PM


    I've previously kept budgies and we landed up hand rearing one a few years ago who became a really important part of our family.  He died 2 years ago and my kids still miss him terribly, me too!

    We have three kids, 13, 11 and 9 who are all keen to have another bird in the house.  

    I've been reading up about parrots - my grandma used to have an African Grey, but, I've never kept one myself.

    There's a wee Hahn's up for adoption - can anyone tell me how nippy they are?  Or, even better, if the foster family are here, can I chat to you about that specific bird? 

    We have a big back room which is ideal for a bird, and a small outside aviary which I think is parrot proof, though, I'd re-inforce it!



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    23-08-2017 4:26 PM
    Have you heard anything yet??