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Last Post 31-12-2012 9:47 AM by  Jenny
Raiden 2006 - 25-dec-2012
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30-12-2012 11:58 AM

    Christmas day saw the tragic passing of Raiden, my little rescue 'tiel after a terrible accident at home
    Its all covered elsewhere, so with this I'll tell you something about our life together...

    Raiden came to me as a rescue bird from the Scottish SPCA having been handed in, age 6, for keeping the baby awake.
    Pooh-pooh I said, its probably the other way round ! Im a volunteer at the center and having kept an eye out for a pet cockatiel I decided to take him.
    It was an exciting day taking him home and his crest was on full alert the whole way :

    He appeared to settle in and make my lounge his home, and once his new cage showed up he took to it straight away :

    Within a couple of weeks I soon learned of the particular voice that "kept the baby awake", and I'll say this, he sure had a set of lungs on him !

    But there was a lot more to my little wingman than the yelling. He quickly made himself comfortable on my shoulder, and although very wary of hands he did somewhat learn to step-up. He was notably less wary when the hand had food in it of course, in fact he learned the command "shoulder" to fly to my right shoulder for a treat
    And he was downright bold if the food was in the form of an unguarded sandwich :

    Steadily I began to see what his preferances were, for example he liked broccoli:

    And he LOVED rice :

    He also seemed really happy when I was having a shower and he would sit on top of the shower rail and contently dose off. He never did like getting sprayed however, that was a no-no.
    Bathing was an odd thing with Raiden, he really didnt like the spray bottle, the noise perhaps. I never saw him bathe in his water bowl or the water dish I left on his cage floor, but then one day on top of the shower rail .. what a performance ! He tipped forward, wings spread out then the most comical, awkward show of washing Ive ever seen ! I could have watched it all day, but before I knew it he was done and back to having his nap. I'm laughing now just thinking about it !

    Now, I mention he had a fair voice on him and that includes his whistle and speech. Im not sure quite what the words were, but it sounded like "cheeky bird, who's a cheeky bird", something he picked up from his previous keeper. I would always tell him, "you are the cheeky bird, you have the cheek of the beak, sir !"

    I'll always miss the morning routine, I would give him a verse of :
    "you are my parrot, my lovely parrot,
    You are so love-lyyy and feather-yyy,
    Grey and white, and
    Orange and yell-owww,
    You will always be lovely to meeeee"

    Out he'd hop onto my hand "cheeky bird", whistly jingle etc.. then he flutters down onto the sofa, leading edges of his wings pushed out and give a flamboyant bow.
    I'd say, "ahh good morning, sir, I doff my crest to you".

    He was at his most musical though when he was on top of the door. Something about the very corner would fascinate him for ages. He would look into the crack and chatter and whistle away, always punctuated by a treat from me

    We also had a few adventures outdoors. He didnt much like going in the carrier, but once out in the park he seemed to really enjoy himself watching the goings on, though I did have to cover him one time as a horse went past - didnt want to risk a yelling/buckaroo type drama !
    I was looking forward to the summer again to get him back out for those park visits together.

    More recently we also enjoyed many an hour sat together at the computer where he would settle down on my shoulder for a good preen, then when he was looking great he would climb down and start "helping" with the keyboard by trying to prize the keys out - a cheeky bird indeed ! He would often go for a nap on my right arm, leaving me to type left handed so as not to disturb him

    In the end it seems to have been hormones that most drove him to distraction, deciding that the clothes horse in the kitchen simply had to be his and defended at every opportunity. I barred him from the kitchen to avoid any more confrontations, but he was determined, we both were.
    That sadly, was when it happened. On christmas day after helping him unwrap his pressies (a nice shower perch a fleecy perch snuggle and a pack of nutriberries) I slipped into the kitchen all too quickly to check on dinner, unable to see his cage from the doorway I failed to see or hear him charging for the gap in the rapidly closing door....

    And so after just under 9 months in my life I had to say goodbye. I took Raiden in with the intention of giving him a long and happy life not as his "owner", but his friend, to share the next 15 or so years of our lives together, I was never meant to be writing all this so soon.
    Im so sorry little pal, I hope you know it was an complete accident.

    As a rat keeper I am (all too) familiar with Rainbow Bridge. It's broadly accepted that there is a special tree there, the Yoggie Tree, where the rats gather each day to collect the fallen yoggies. I like to think that somewhere, way up high amongst the yoggies, there's a special safe branch with a little yellow crest singing his heart out

    RIP Raiden 2006 - 25-12-2012.

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    30-12-2012 12:06 PM

    Och look at that ! the pictures didnt work

    Ok, here's a link to his photobucket page if you want to see the little man.


    Helen W
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    30-12-2012 1:05 PM

    That is a wonderful tribute and the pictures are amazing. He so reminds me of our tiel Joey, who had had several homes before he came to us. He too disliked showering, loved rice (had to be basmati) and had a very noisy voice. Joey died young, of aspergillosis, I think. I didn't realise how ill he was. How I wish I had the knowledge then that I have now.

    Raiden was obviously a much loved and very spoiled boy and he will have known how much you loved him.

    Fly free little Raiden, singing your special song, high in the Yoggie tree at Rainbow Bridge xxx
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    31-12-2012 9:47 AM
    Aww fly free Raiden, you were clearly very much loved. The pictures are fab and show what a lovely boy Raiden was. He sounds like he was spoilt rotten and rightly so lol.

    Fly Free Raiden knowing how much loved you were xx
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