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Last Post 01-01-1900 12:00 AM by  Anonymous
How to post pictures - Photobucket website
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26-03-2013 7:01 AM

    Hi all! This is an attempt to help people understand how to create a photobucket account, and how to post pictures on the forum using photobucket. All pictures are "clickable" and will take you to a larger version of the picture.

    First of all you need a photobucket account, which is absolutely free. Go here: PHOTOBUCKET and this is what you will see: 

     photo welcomescreen_zpsc4c5cf86.jpg

    Click on the big yellow button that says "Sign Up For Free" and it will take you here: 

     photo signup_zps995752b6.jpg

    As you can see, there are several different ways to sign up. You can either use your Facebook account, your Twitter account or create a new separate one. For the sake of this tutorial, I created a new separate account.

    Once you filled in your details, you will be asked to choose a storage plan. The free one is the one to the far left: 2GB, so click "I'm ok with 2GB" (Unless you WANT more storage and pay of course!)

     photo chooseplan_zps4c969b9b.jpg

    Once you are done, you will come to this welcome page. As you can see there are guides to read, and I recommend you to do so. They are rather informative and will help you get the most out of photobucket.

     photo startuploading_zpsf6dd6fe4.jpg

    Hit the button that says "Start Uploading" and it will take you here: 

     photo upload_zps9021a7b9.jpg

    As you can see there are other ways of uploading pictures to photobucket. Again, play around with that once you get comfortable. (I use the app for my phone, very handy little feature! I have access to my albums on there as well, and can easily upload to Facebook or the forums. For now, we're sticking with how to upload from computer. Allthough the same applies for any web browser you have access too, such as Safari on iPhones, Chrome, IE, Firefox etc on your tablets or android phones)

    As it says on the screen, drag and drop pictures from your computer or browse your computer for the files you wish to upload, then hit the button that says upload! Once you are done, you will see this:

     photo uploaded_zps95857a2d.jpg

    Eventually you should play around with all of it. Photobuckets editor is ok and good to learn how to use,  but for now click the button that says "Continue to Home". 

    Now for a slight technicality: Look to the right at your Image Links. At the bottom there is a little cogwheel symbol that says "Update Link Options". 

     photo linkoptions_zpsdcd4952c.jpg

    Click that one. On that setting page, make sure you tick the box that says "HTML thumb". 

     photo settings_zps0bed334a.jpg

    Once you are done, click save and it should (hopefully!) say up top of your screen that your settings has been successfully saved. Click the "Library" button up in the menu, and you will be returned to your photo/s.

    Now click the photo you would like to share on the forums. In my case, that is Mr. Penguin!
    Click once on the line that says "HTML thumb code" to the right of the photo. It should go yellow and flash saying "copied"

    Come back to the forums and paste the line you copied into your post. Either by clicking your right mouse button and select "paste" or by hitting ctrl+v on your keyboard. Don't worry about it not looking anything like a photo!! What you will see looks similar to this: (Just a lot more of it)

    href="" target="_blank"

    Click the "submit" button to post your picture.

    The image will be a smaller version of your photo, but if you click on it, it will take you to the larger version of your photo. 

    Now this may seem like a LOT to learn, and as lot of effort! But it really isn't, once you get used to it you will be able to do this really quickly. But play around it with, go through the guides on photobucket, they are really helpful. Meanwhile, I will help as much as I can, just ask away

    Mr Penguin sends his love!

     photo Birdcenter014_zps5442502f.jpg

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